gruber-kostal-300x200 Celebrating 50 years of service in the City of Yorkville!

Gruber & Kostal Dentistry and the City of Yorkville have shared their history for over 50 years! In 1959 Dr. Joseph Gruber II, completed his dental studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Dentistry and served as an US Air Force dentist for 2 years. After his military service, in 1961, he purchased an existing dental practice on Hydraulic Street where he practiced for the next 12 years. Due to the growing demands of his practice he moved to a larger office in the newly built Bank of Yorkville building in Countryside Center. Looking to expand again in the early 1970’s, Dr. Gruber II hired a recently graduated dentist, Dr. Dennis Kostal, and in 1973 expanded the practice to offer two full-time dentists, and Gruber & Kostal Dentistry was formed.

Throughout the following decades, as dentistry evolved and progressed, so did Gruber & Kostal Dentistry, and it continued to serve the dental needs of Yorkville and its surrounding communities. Expanding once again, in 1988 a third dentist joined the team. Dr. Joe Gruber III, after completing his dental studies, joined the practice. Now offering three dentists as well as a full-time hygiene staff, Gruber & Kostal Dentistry continued to practice out of their Bank of Yorkville office.

However in 2005, the Bank of Yorkville Building, then occupied by Castle Bank, was sold and Gruber & Kostal Dentistry was forced to relocate. After 45 years of practicing in Yorkville, there really was no decision of where to relocate but rather where in Yorkville a new building site could be found; Gruber & Kostal Dentistry was staying in Yorkville. A new office site was found less than a half mile away where a new state of the art dental office was built at 302 E. Countryside Parkway. Dr. Gruber & Kostal Dentistry began work in its new office in Fall of 2006 where they continue to practice today.